Well the grass in the concert field has finally grown back and was given a good soaking again on Monday night as the Rock against Cancer crew gathered at the Kings Arms for a celebration evening (Thankfully indoors this time!)

Concert Founders Richard Baulu, John “Grubby” Callis and Andy Scott were all present and a fine chilli also made a first appearance.

Mark Lawrence and Mick Winning captured the build, as well as the event itself, on film back in May 2016 and on Monday night the crew had the premiere of the “2016 Crew Cut”.

Here’s a taste of what goes on behind the event, as well as some snippets of the day itself – doesn’t look so wet now!

And as an appetiser, reacquaint yourselves with the SAS Band’s Jamie Moses and his 29 riffs first!

Thanks to all who could make it – crew, suppliers and volunteers. And thank you to all who have been involved over the past 5 years.

WARNING: Crew Cut 2016 contains some strong language and adult themes.


29 Riffs (or is it more?)


CatK 2016; SAS Band plays 29 Riffs from Mark Lawrence on Vimeo.


The 2016 Crew Cut


CatK 2016 [the Crew Cut] from Mark Lawrence on Vimeo.