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Saturday and Sunday band times Gates open at noon on both

We’ve had some fantastic shows and harbour so many good memories since our first concert in 2012, but sadly this will be the last Rock against Cancer event. Thank you all for your support over the years. You’ve helped raise over £182,000 for charities and been part of something very special for our corner of Wiltshire. Let’s see if we can get to £250,000 after the 2021 show!


If you were lucky enough to go to one, or really fortunate and got to go to all of the previous concerts since 2012, you’ll know what an exceptional event Concert at the Kings is. We have been privileged to have had some of the finest musicians join us, many of whom have truly shaped the course of music over the years.

Take a look at what this hidden gem is all about…

“The biggest small festival in the world!”


Raising funds for cancer charities at the Kings Arms, All Cannings


This  series of amazing events started in 2012

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